Heading towards a big change

Our economies are all in the midst of an inevitable downturn - get prepared for tough times now. Especially within these dawning challenges it will be crucial to dispose over a strong foundation in order to overcome this period. Our findings evidence that a manageable number of conceptual cornerstones determine organizations' & brands' strengths.

Estimate your current stress resistance within a few minutes here:

After having estimated your resistance level you will dispose over a clearer overview where your critical points lie. We would be more than happy to support you to iron out weaknesses.

OUR 10-step-approach towards higher stress resistance

  1. Challenge your brand purpose and if necessary find your new convincing believe.

  2. Assess the innovation level of your business model and upgrade it where reasonable.

  3. Identify your core competencies for today and tomorrow.

  4. Realign your target system to the upcoming changing circumstances.

  5. Revise your brand's positioning according to your current competitive strengths.

  6. Analyze your customer experience and modify it to changing expectations.

  7. Critically analyze all deployed marketing channels and develop them further according to the new environment.

  8. Review your end-to-end monitoring and implement improvements of your conversion funnels.

  9. Define necessary operational and personal adaptations in order to get ready for the stormy weather ahead.

  10. Check your pricing strategy in general and identify need for change to relevant product price points in specific.

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